5 Reasons You Need to Start Monitoring Your Child’s Online Activities

5 Reasons You Need to Start Monitoring Your Child’s Online Activities

Thanks to information technology, parenting is not the same as it used to be two decades back. Now parents have many things to keep an eye on in addition to the academics and a small circle of their children’s friends. This monitoring has expanded to every action of their life.

Now monitoring homework, television watching habits and sports activities is not enough. You need to penetrate the life of your children to follow their cell phone using habits.  There are special monitoring software like mspy, which help you to keep an eye on the communication apps, and other online activities of your child.

After all, nobody likes to weep over spilled milk.

Do you still feel like questioning that shall you be monitoring your child’s cell phone usage habit? Then here are five reasons for you to stop questioning yourself and start monitoring today.





Cyberbullying is not like actual world bullying where you get the hunch of it from your child’s friend, friend’s mother or teacher. Sometimes your children feel down, and you even don’t know the cause. You might think everything is perfect in your child’s environment, but what about the cyber world?

Monitoring your child will help you to know if your child is being bullied or bullying someone else.


Protect Personal Information:


Your child is not sane enough to judge which information to disclose and which information to hide. There is a high probability that if other people in your child’s friend circle are disclosing information, your child will also do. Irrespective of the consequences!


Keeping an eye on the activities of your child helps you to protect their personal information easily.


Bad Activities:


The online world is an open world; anybody can approach your child. Anybody means a drug user, a thief, a saint, a psychopath, a scholar or an abuser – anybody.


In the case of bad apples, they may try to convince your child to indulge in bad activities, which you will never want. This can be avoided by monitoring their activities.


Balancing Life:


It has been three hours that your child is sitting in the study and you think he is studying. You are very happy, and you have even planned what you will gift him in case of good grades. But what if all this while your child was not studying, but talking to a friend on WhatsApp or watching videos on YouTube?


Well, informed of their activities, you can help them balance their life between the virtual world and the real world’s tasks.


Immoral Content:


There is everything present in the online world, from good to bad, moral to immoral. And you don’t know what will attract your child? He might start consuming immoral content because his friend recommended it. You never know!


Until or unless you are okay with this, which you are most probably not, you need to monitor and build some boundaries on their virtual life.


Things that seemed to be impossible are now not only possible but have penetrated in our life to a large extent – like internet and cell phone. New generation eats with a cell phone in their hands, studies with cell phone lying on their books and sleep with cell phone snoozing along with them. You see, the time has changed and so does the parenting requirements.


So start monitoring your child’s online activities, before it is too late!  






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